Sunday, December 6, 2015

A printer that makes circuit boards

One of the reasons I made a separate blog here from The Storydragon is that I have a wide range of interests outside of art. One of these is 3d printing. So I'm going to start putting some stuff here that I've found on the web.

3d printing has a lot of potential for completely changing the world. I think with this technology and enough time and materials, we could fix a host of problems - and if you look at how the internet has made it possible for so many people to become artists, I think you'll have some idea of where we can get the people to do that hard work.

Anyway, today I've found this link, which talks about a 3d-style printer that prints out completed circuit boards in minutes:

The cost of the printer is $2600, which is well within reach of hobbyists, or low-level startups. I haven't fully processed all the cool things I think are possible with such a printer. Having looked at the many interesting things people have done with the Raspberry Pi (a tiny computer that originally went for $30, but now has a model which is only $5 brand new), I just can't even get at what will probably be the ultimate result.

Some things people have done with the Raspberry Pi:
- Set up a snail mail box to e-mail when letters and packages arrive
- Set up a temperature and moisture sensor in a chicken rearing area, to keep things optimal
- Turned an Xbox controller into a gaming console.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Art show in January at the Black Drop Coffee House!

I have a show coming up in January! Yikes, it's going to be here any minute now!

This is not my first time showing my art, but it is the first time I've done it since getting serious about doing art. So I am a bit nervous - although not as nervous as I could be, considering I've got the bulk of the art I want to show finished! (How did that happen?)

I'll be showcasing multimedia pieces done in acrylic, hot glue, glitter, and clay. These pieces are the culmination of a year of learning and exploring with new materials. I never would have imagined I'd end up loving working with hot glue!

In addition, I am also hoping to display my Celtic knotwork brooms. I'm very happy with how they've turned out,but haven't had any place to show them off at. You can see them here: Green and Gold; Red And Gold.

If you'd like to come see it, you'll need to go visit the Black Drop Coffee House in Bellingham, Washington. You can find info about where they are here.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Free Downloadable coloring page!

I'm working on some downloadable coloring pages. I have a wonderful program that lets me make all kinds of celtic knotwork digitally, but the resolution it allows for the images is subpar. So this means I have to do a complicated transformation using Gimp and Inkscape. Once I get the method down, though, it should be much easier!

Here is the Celtic Knotwork Coloring Page.

Art By Lindy just made a very useful post!

I'm in the process of soaking in a lot of info on creating/improving an individual art business. I have studied marketing and the like as an amateur, but now that I'm going in full force, I'm finding I need a lot more knowledge than what I've got. Thank goodness there are artists out there who are sharing exactly that!

Lindy over at Art By Lindy just made the kind of post I've really been needing, so I wanted to pass it on. It has suggestions on getting started from the very beginning - and one thing I've found is that if I feel stuck with my business, reevaluating everything can be very helpful!

Without further ado, here is What Every College Art Student Really Needs To Know.

Also, if you are in a business mood or need a boost, I highly recommend checking out Artists Helping Artists. They have an enormous backlog, and it is so useful!

And of course, I invite you to visit the Storydragon, the site where I and my husband put our art and all kinds of awesome things up!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hi! I'm Owen Wills!

I'm an artist, puppeteer, and in general I like to have a good time with new friends!

You can find my stuff over at The Storydragon.