Sunday, December 6, 2015

A printer that makes circuit boards

One of the reasons I made a separate blog here from The Storydragon is that I have a wide range of interests outside of art. One of these is 3d printing. So I'm going to start putting some stuff here that I've found on the web.

3d printing has a lot of potential for completely changing the world. I think with this technology and enough time and materials, we could fix a host of problems - and if you look at how the internet has made it possible for so many people to become artists, I think you'll have some idea of where we can get the people to do that hard work.

Anyway, today I've found this link, which talks about a 3d-style printer that prints out completed circuit boards in minutes:

The cost of the printer is $2600, which is well within reach of hobbyists, or low-level startups. I haven't fully processed all the cool things I think are possible with such a printer. Having looked at the many interesting things people have done with the Raspberry Pi (a tiny computer that originally went for $30, but now has a model which is only $5 brand new), I just can't even get at what will probably be the ultimate result.

Some things people have done with the Raspberry Pi:
- Set up a snail mail box to e-mail when letters and packages arrive
- Set up a temperature and moisture sensor in a chicken rearing area, to keep things optimal
- Turned an Xbox controller into a gaming console.