Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Bumble: Goth & Halloween

It's time for the Bumble! So far, Sunday seems like the best day for it, so check it out then!


Goth Coloring Book - I'm a huge fan of the coloring books craze. I was using coloring books for stress relief before it was cool for grown-ups to do so, and I always felt like other people would get a lot out of it too. And now there's something for goths. Yay!

On the decline of Tim Burton - The last Tim Burton movie I remember being excited about was The Corpse Bride. It was so disappointing, especially as a long-time Burton and claymation fan. I hope he is able to bounce back again. He has an interesting mind, and it would be a shame not to be able to see more of his good work.

Beach Goth: A Music Festival - I've never heard of this festival before, but I love that they invite bands they want even if those bands aren't great moneymakers.

Halloween Movie & Music Recommendations

Tomorrow is the perfect time for a spooky movie! Here's some that I think are great:

  • Trick 'r Treat - This movie is indeed a treat! I have trouble with a lot of slasher-type horror films, but this one satisfies in a way the others don't. Everyone who dies deserves it, and the film maintains that 'it's all silly, nothing has consequence' atmosphere of cartoons without actually being cartoonish. Additionally, it doesn't rely on jump scares (as far as I recall. It's been a few years.)
The Golem - This classic silent film is part of a series of 1920s Jewish horror films. It's a bit similar to Frankenstein, so if you like that, you may enjoy this one. I particularly like the effect brought on by the limited use of color.

 Plan 9 From Outer Space - Ed Wood was no genious, but he was determined! This movie is super bad and obviously very cheaply made. It's good nonsense, though, and something I love to watch every year. Vampires from space!

 The Adventures of Mark Twain - In theory, this is a funny kid's claymation movie about the adventures of Mark Twain's characters meeting him aboard some kind of air/space ship. In reality it's got a lot of uncanny creepiness that lends itself well to Halloween - including an unsettling scene involving the devil and sculpting clay. It's usually available on Youtube for free.

Welcome to Weirdsville - And now the music! This is a wonderful old streaming radio service put on by a collector of Halloween music and records. A lot of his collection was destroyed a few years ago, so alas! He isn't adding any more of the weird old stuff. But he does regularly add music from other sources (Most recently Lacuna Coil.) I recommend it on Halloween and any time throughout the year you need a Halloween boost.

Alright, now I'm off to prepare for the big night.

Happy Halloween!

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