Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Bumble: Halloween, Goth

I love doing news round-ups, so I've decided to try implementing that feature on this blog. The Bumble is about whatever is catching my interest this week. It's likely to center around Halloween most of the time, but that news does run dry sometimes.


40 years of goth in under 4 minutes - I'm fine confessing that I don't know much about goth music. I was always into old dusty books and the goth look. Now that I'm older and all that lovely goth black seems to be fading in the culture, I feel like I should learn more about it. This is a handy starter guide.

A night at Bran Castle (AKA Castle Dracula)! - Dacre Stoker, descendent of the famous Bram Stoker, will be hosting a night at this famous castle for two lucky contest winners.

Some more about the Teal Pumpkin Project - I love the recent push to provide treats for kids with allergies! With the decline in trick or treating, I think we need to do everything we can to make it fun for everyone who continues to carry on the tradition.

Goth Make-up:

Goth make-up tutorials - I certainly would have appreciated the millions of make-up tutorials that are around now when I was trying this stuff out in my late teens. I ended up more clown than goth - except not the cool, creepy kind of clown.

Goth lipstick - Personally, I'm on a quest for more colors of lipstick than just red or 'almost' purple. It's getting near impossible to find black these days, and blue, actual purple, green, or orange - forget about it!

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