Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mad scientist persona

I got ahold of 2 and a half yards of black velveteen! And two 2 yard pieces of white and black stripey fabric! I'll be mixing in some plain white fabric to complete the outfit.

I've been trying to come up with a mad scientist robot costume, and these two fabrics fit the bill perfectly. The velveteen will add a nice texture, and...I just like stripes! This will of course be a steam punk inspired outfit, because I am a huge fan of Steam Powered Giraffe.

Normally I'd try and fit some knotwork interlacing into the outfit, but in this case, that just feels a bit off. I'm thinking that having lines and patches of white or black.

Now let's go over the first draft design from head to toe.

First, a wig. I love the old style curly wigs with a big bow in the back. I have a black curly wig I can modify, but I'm leaning more towards using some of those stretchy mesh tubes. My hope is that it would look like wires and cables.

I don't know if I want to go the route of goggles, since that is considered by some a cliche now. If I did make a pair, however, I'd probably use a set of regular everyday goggles I have on hand, and decorate over it with more of the fabric. Maybe add some neat lenses. And of course, a bow in the back (Which would end up being the bow on the wig, if I can get it to work.) 

Now for the coat! The back is on the left, front on the right. I am tempted to use the laser cutter to make buttons shaped like gears (A design I could then make more of and sell, I assume.) The darker shaded areas will be velveteen, and the striped areas will be striped cotton. I'd like to add some white velvet or cotton to the side of the front velveteen panel.

For the bow, I am considering using laser cut acrylic or wood painted to look like metal.

I suspect the pants will be hard to see on this outfit, because I of course also want to wear striped tights or socks. These will be breeches, one of my favorite style of pants - and of course there will be bows on the sides of the cuffs.

Lastly, shoes! I don't want to mess around with boots, so I can either make some small shoes or buy remade ballet flats. I have not had good luck lately making shoes, so I might start out with remade ones. This outfit could give me the push to go ahead and make shoemaking supplies, which is something I'd like to have anyway.

I haven't chosen a name for this persona yet. Not sure when it'll be ready to debate, as I also have to work on developing a character and robotic movements. But I expect I can get the outfit done by sometime in January.

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