Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Bumble: Pumpkins

Fall is still here! That means pumpkins are still in bountiful supply. This week's Bumble is all about the squash!

David S. Pumpkins - I assume some folks are probably sick of him already, but I find David Pumpkins delightful. Haven't laughed that much at a non-political SNL skit in a long time.

Other Pumpkins

Nasa had a pumpkin carving contest! The results look really cool!

Thieves stole $2,000 worth of pumpkins Cadaver Dave would be very upset. (More about him later.)

The Great Pumpkin Flood: Halloween Without Pumpkins - With recent weather changes, I've been worried about the future of pumpkins. :(

With that said, if you are ever faced with a pumpkin shortage (Or if other family members/loved ones hate pumpkin) and you want pumpkin pie, you can always try Carrot Pie. I used to hate pumpkin pie until someone offered me a slice of carrot pie. It had all the flavors of pumpkin pie, minus the pumpkin, and I didn't really taste carrot at all. Since then, I've grown to love pumpkin!

And lastly, a lovely view of pumpkins on a farm, available as a postcard on Zazzle:

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