Monday, January 2, 2017

Fresh Start: My perspective on the old and new year

I just deleted all my old tweets using DeleteTweet. I feel immensely better about that! No more thousands of tweets that I don't remember the contents of! No more being tied down to whatever ideas about how to use Twitter have evolved since starting my account in 2014. It is very freeing.

I'm also the type that does not save every scrap of art I do. I like to look through what I've done once a year or so (Or whenever I find a cache of it), glance over it, and then pick out what is still meaningful to me. In the future, I should probably find a way to make that stuff more available for others who want it - but for me, it's just weight that I don't want to carry.

I'm starting out the year with a new computer that only I will be using, and I get to customize it however I want! I haven't had that since I spilled water on my husband's laptop and we had to share. And this one has space! OMG!  I barely know what to do with myself.

That's been my personal 2016 theme: Asking myself, "What am I doing?" Being unable to figure out the answer. My brain has been disorganized mush for awhile. Anxiety really takes a toll on brains.

For a few months, I've felt more determined to reach through the fog and really figure it all out. How do I work best? What have I learned from failed past attempts to get myself organized and doing the things I want/need to do regularly? It has been an interesting journey to figure that out.

I will probably be posting later about my artistic goals. For now, I'm trying to organize my art supplies, my social media, and my life.

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