Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Proko: Gesture drawing

I challenged myself to sketch 100 gesture drawings by Sunday evening. It was fun and challenging, and I am still not sure I'm doing it 'correctly.' But, according to Stan Prokopenko, the exercise is more about doing a mental shift in how we approach drawing. Awesome!

After geting all that done, I decided to try sketching from refs & from my brain. Result: What happened to my drawing abilities?! This happens to me sometimes when I study some aspect of a process closely, so I'm reasonably sure I'll get it back. For now, I'm practicing Prokopenko's take on the Andrew Loomis style of drawing heads.

I will keep tryong to make a finished piece. In the meantime, I'm approaching my "Why isn't it working?!" Problems with more study & practice. My progress is happening fast enough that wading through this is much more pleasant than it used to be.

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