Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Staying on the path

One of my biggest problems with doing long-term projects is that I lose focus throughout the process. I get all kinds of great ideas that will be awesome as long as I stick with them...and then somewhere along the way I either don't see any reason to continue, or I forget what I was doing and move on to something else. I've been nervous this year that I would fall into that same trap.

This morning there was a snow day, and I opted to stay in rather than chance it on the road. I decided to spend a few hours setting up my workspace & organizing my files.  While poking around, I found one titled, "Pre-2017 Perspective."

I couldn't remember making it, or what was in it. Maybe stuff about how I was feeling emotionally at the time? Nope. Apparently, I made a list in December 2016 of all the stuff I intended to work on during 2017. I was surprised to see that the things I have been focusing on are exactly what I put down on the list. Some things, like developing Auto Von Makenstüff and doing videos with Cadaver Dave, haven't moved much forward. But even with those projects, I've actually been on track. Awesome!

I'm pretty sick of the snow, but I am very glad to have this break to get myself in order. I'm finding that having time to do things like this is making everything else I do much more effective.

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