Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Trip To The Park: A peaceful exploration game

I was introduced to Twine a few days ago, and I love using it. I have enough HTML skills that I'm able to do plenty with it already, but there is also a lot of cool coding stuff I can learn to make awesome games with it. I really enjoy creating rambling settings, so I am happy to begin exploring an interactive storytelling method for that.

And guess what? I've already made my first game! It's called "A Trip To The Park." It is free, and you can play it at

I originally intended to use the videos I put in the game on this blog. Instead of making a few blog posts about waterfalls and ducks, though, I figured why not make it a game that people can come back to again and again?

I have more pictures and video to add, and I plan to add more later. I may try to alter it with fresh video every season, so that the park in the game changes along with the real world.

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