Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bumbling onto the Photo Booth app (Image heavy post!)

I keep the apps I don't like that Apple won't allow me to delete in folders labeled "Useless." Every so often, I pull them out to play with them and see if they've improved or if I've changed my mind. During some down time last week, I gave Photo Booth another shot. I discovered it has this kaleidescope function:

I love making tiled art, so I'm definitely going to fuss with this. I am also interested in seeing what designs I can make just by photographing things.

Next, I played with the Light Tunnel function. I'm delighted by this!

It reminds me of a halo streaming from the sides of something amazing (In this case, a statue modeled after one of our cats.)

Then I took a photo of different parts of a beautiful poster sent to me by Budaedu (A group that mails buddhist literature & art for free. A lot of the literature is Pure Land stuff, but they do offer a wide variety of things.)

After taking these photos, I noticed that the color scheme seemed much easier to understand. I decided to take a picture of a green nature-themed pitcher to see a monochromatic color scheme.

Then I decided to try it out in brighter light.

Awesome! I started to wonder if I might use these pictures to capture colors that I can re-use in digital art. To test that out, there's nothing better than a rainbow!

I decided to try just capturing a warm color scheme.

Then I decided to try and make it look like things were glistening in the light. I really enjoy the effect here with the metal - and I think this is useful for understanding how to recreate shiny metal in colors. The curvy shape of the knotwork seemed like it would naturally show the darker variation in colors next to the brighter ones, and I think it worked!

My only regret there is that since I was just holding the iPad by hand, I had difficulty centering it.

Now for some fun. A basket with bubble-style holes in it. I really like the colors here.

And the face of a little ceramic Halloween Owl.

The Light Tunnel reminds me a bunch of zooming off into space, since that is a long-standing tradition in sci films to show when a space ship is flying fast. So I decided to capitalize on that. I don't think it worked too well, but I do think this effect is something interesting I can play with later.

This first one reminds me of a planet having a sunrise.

This is one of those Beany Baby toys with big sparkly eyes. I decided to move the camera around to catch different shapes of the orange sparkle.

I got curious how glass would fare. I like it, though I think having it on a black or white background would have been better. Or maybe something blue or purple to get a more interesting color scheme.

Lastly, I tried out a picture of patterned fabric. I discovered pictures just don't turn out if you bring them that close. I think this is good enough, and it does magnify the pattern. Using Light Tunnel to find the color scheme in fabrics should be very, very useful.

I don't care much about the other features of Photo Booth, but I do highly recommend these two. They take almost nothing to learn about, and are super fun to use. In my experience, having simple things like this to be successful with is very helpful for keeping the motivation needed to move forward with a skill.

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