Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Bumble: Plants and Fungi

Hey it's near springtime here in the Pacific Northwest! And that means everything is damp, overcast, and chill. yay! It also means the sun is coming out a bit more, and soon we'll be able to plant things.

I personally really love going out to all the parks and nature areas I can while spring is starting out, just to see all the bits of new green growing everywhere. I love how evergreen trees get this lovely pop of bright green needles at the end of the old darker green ones. It's like they put on a bit of nail polish for show.

We've also got plenty of fungi. I haven't studied them as much, but I am super keen to do that this year. I learned recently about the Mycelium Network, aka the internet for plants, and I am fascinated.

Gentle person talks about plants: I found Jeremiah Johnson while researching how to grow oak trees from acorns. His videos are both informative and just wonderful for anxious times.

This next video is about how trees communicate and transfer nutrients through their mycelium networks. Tree social behavior is fascinating to me.

 And now some time laps mycelium, mushroom, and mold growth.

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