Blogs and sites I like

Blogs I like

Grim Hollow Haunt - This home haunter has been posting about once a year to show off their haunt. It's a real treat!

Halloween, The Greatest Holiday Of All - Blog from the author of a book on Halloween history

The Halloween Haunt - Once a year, the Halloween Haunt regails us all with podcasts on Halloween history, traditions, poems, and stories. This is a delightful must-listen!

Pumpkinrot - Pumpkinrot makes the most amazing Halloween decor! Love the use of color and lighting.

Vintage Halloween Collector - I love vintage Halloween, especially golden age stuff.

Other Sites

Halloween Forum - This is one of those tried and true places, with an active membership despite being around for over a decade. It's especially good around the holidays, as there are many different exchanges you can participate in. Lots to learn and share here for any Halloween lover. - I use this site to host things like photos, audio, and video. is a library, and therefore has an ethos of serving the public that other sites offering hosting don't have! I recommend checking them out, and considering giving them a donation.

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